XPilot Bloods Music


The subject of Bloods Music (BM) is controversial. It unveils two conflicts. The first being the conflict between recreational players and professional players, who have to be considered professionals due to the amount of time the allocate for the game. The second conflict is the question what the master skillset for XPilot is.

In the following more light should be shed on the issue without taking a decision in these conflicts.

Common Myths

Bloods Music (BM) is not one space map, but rather a series of maps which evolved over the years since 1994. In the beginning it had four teams with four players each, ship items and team targets. All features which are regarded as heretic by the fans of BM nowadays. BM has not been around for so long because its absolutely good, but because it was always adopted to the current taste, which could turn opposite.

BM is not the map defining the masterskill. Otherwise teamImmunity would be off. It was actually off for some time, but it was decided that it did not match the prefered skills of the players. So it was turned on again. As well they could have allowed mines again, the decision was arbitrary.

The thriving force behind BM were those student groups from scandinavia, who could sit together in the same computer lab. Using the advantage of straight verbal communication, they perfected their playing style and ruled the BM tournaments. Their aura of being unbeatable spiced up the turnaments in the beginning. However, when it became obvious that verbal communication was the key advantage, interest into BM declined greatly.