XPilot Community

Players at a summercamp in the middle of a game.


The XPilot Facebook page is a great way for users and developers to show their love for the game and share stories.

The IRC channel #xpilot on irc.freenode.net is also another place to hang out.


Each development line has its own communities that you must engage in if you want to participate to XPilot.

All XPilot developers are also encouraged to join the previously inactive rec.games.computer.xpilot and make it a low-volume cross-development-line development community to foster cooperation.

Developers interested in tracking the XPilot classic line can subscribe to the extremely-low-volume XPilot Classic's Announce list.

Private XPilot Webpages

Mostly for historical interest


Mostly for historical interest

You can show your playing skills by participating in XPilot Tournaments. These have traditionally been Teamcups running Bloods Music. It needs some level of addiction before you would bring your skills to a level where could lead your team to a victory. Also some advice may be helpful.

On the serious side, the organisation of a Teamcup is not only a lot of work, but also required careful planning.

Date Contact Title / Map Winner
2002 Teamcup
March 2002 Filthcup
Apr 2001 Spring Teamcup
2 Apr. 2000 Death Cup
Bloods Music
Mad Raging Priests of Chaos
25 Sep. 1999 Teamcup
Bloods Music
17-18 Apr. 1999 VAKK Cup
Bloods Music
1998 XPilot Team Cup
Bloods Music
1998 FilthCup
Bloods Music
Oct. 1997 The Wusses in Lagland (Team Cup)
Bloods Music
Local Wusses (Norway)
May 1997 Clash of the Morons (Tournament)
Bloods Music
1994 European XPilot Team Cup
Blood's Music